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"We have to be able to satisfy the needs of our trading partners, and satisfy them quickly. EDI Advantage gives us the tools to make them happy every time."

—Pat V.
EDI Advantage user

"EDI Advantage proved to be a very smart purchase. Our orders flow straight in and straight out—I love it!"

—Sharon H.
EDI Advantage user

"Electronic sophistication lets us work with the leading names in our industry. This never would have been possible without [Sage 100 Advanced ERP] and EDI Advantage."

—Robert B.
EDI Advantage user

"EDI Advantage is outstanding. It truly is a package that has everything going for it."

—Lisa B.
EDI Advantage user

Sage MAS 90 EDI - EDI Advantage

Sage 100 EDI (MAS 90/200 EDI)

EDI Advantage is the only Sage 100 EDI solution that gives you:

  • Free EDI transactions and other cost-savers
  • Completely automatic EDI processing
  • EDI that's totally within your Sage 100 ERP system

Explore the Key Benefits of EDI Advantage:

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What's New: EDI Advantage 2013 Release